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FOR LONG LIFE Inc., USA is an international industrial group in the field of health, lifestyle, ecology and quality of life that combines Industrial leaders, scientists and researchers from all over the globe with aim to develop unique products to serve the health of people. Our well established international network combines knowledge of different fields to understand what science can provide today for the needs of people worldwide. The combination of scientists and business people provide us with a unique set of knowledge and understanding of the status of science and the market. Based on this cooperation and knowledge, we have already developed different products of which Light of Life is ready for international launch, and other unique and outstanding products are in the development phase.



Our mission is to share our knowledge in developing projects to start up new businesses using our creativity, experience, scientific, business and marketing knowledge. We use and improve business best practices and set new business standards. We support all new ventures and with our project management team and the knowledge to guarantee success.


Our vision is to create daughter companies by supporting them with market intelligence, business strategy, legal and financial support, project management, process management, supply chain, logistics and research & development to provide them the tools to succeed in today’s highly competitive market.